So that the virus doesn’t hinder support for the poorest :

So that the virus doesn’t hinder support for the poorest

Marie-France des Pallières, fondatrice de Pour un Sourire d'Enfant, et Karuna, bénéficiaire de l'association

Many of our Spring events have been cancelled. What are the consequences and what can you do to help?  An interview with Marie-France des Pallières.

PSE basics: the tour and sponsorships

Since the beginning of their actions in Cambodia, Christian and Marie-France des Pallières, founders of PSE, have come back to France every year to mobilise the public to support PSE. Since Christian passed away in 2016, Marie-France has continue to come. 

These meetings make it possible to spread the word about the situation in Cambodia to as many people as possible and to present the extraordinary work undertaken by PSE to take children from destitution to a vocation. During these events, new sponsors commit themselves for the long term, to allow us to take care of new children in our programmes. 

Christian et Marie-France en Tournée

Huge needs in Cambodia

Many children live in terrible conditions. Despite Cambodia's economic growth, their families are unable to benefit from this development, in part because they have never been trained. Their situations are even more terrible because they are the first to be hit by the consequences of the current pandemic. 

Cancelling PSE's annual tour means that there will be fewer new sponsors joining us this year. However, this support is essential to allow us to take care of new children next year, in a context of accelerating general price inflation in Cambodia which is becoming more acute with the crisis. In addition, we need to replace the sponsorships that inevitably stop each year for a variety of reasons. 

More than ever, children need our help, and we need yours to save them! 

Marie-France des Pallières à propos de la Tournée 2020

Act today

We will reschedule our events as soon as the situation improves. We are thinking we may reschedule some of PSE's annual tour's meetings to take place in autumn 2020. 

In the meantime, we need you! 

We will give you updates on the situation in Cambodia and the work done by our social team to actively support those families most in danger, on our website and social media. Please share! 

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