A life without dreams
is no life at all.
Christian des Pallières
For over 20 years, PSE has been operating in Cambodia to help children escape destitution and get a decent job.
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Thanks to a holistic approach to tackling the children' needs, in all the aspects of their development,
PSE For a Child's Smile improves the chances that the children will lead fulfilling lives, on both a personal and a professional level.

  •  4,500 former students have a decent, well paid job
  •  20 vocational training courses
  •  Over 6,000 children are taken care of every year
  •  6,000 daily meals
  •  1,500 medical consultations each week

Thanks to the support of our volunteers, sponsors and partners,
we can put the smile back on thousands of children's faces every day.

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Everyday, our volunteers commit themselves with passion, there are 26 branches throughout the world.

Wherever you are, you can join them and help spread the word about PSE!

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Deepen our commitment in Cambodia

Like Christian and Marie-France des Pallières before us, we will continue to advance "one step at a time" following the needs that will arise. Like them, we cannot let children live in situations of destitution, which we still discover today.

We have adopted a strategic approach based on the evolutions witnessed at the heart of Cambodian society, including the needs of the children we welcome.

Discover here our five-year core strategic orientations!

Lyheang Heng: from selling on the street to working in a 5-star hotel

Lyheang Heng is a coordinator this year for PSE’s Teenager summer continuity programme in Phnom Penh. The job could not be better suited as some of the teenagers taking part have had the same impoverished and rough background as him. He is and will always be an inspiration for the Cambodian youth who has grown up without dreams of a good job or hope for a descent future.

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  • By donating €120, you offer a daily meal to a child for a year.
  • By donating €200, you allow us to distribute rice to 20 families in need for a month!

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You can deduct your donations from tax, if you pay tax in France:

  • 66% for individuals*
  • 60% for companies**

Please contact your local PSE branch to know more about possible tax benefits, if you live abroad.

*There is a limit to donations of 20% of taxable income
**There is a limit of 5‰ of gross anual revenue (excluding tax)

Our track record of putting the smile back on thousands of children's faces

  • In Cambodia, our staff is mainly from the local community. Cambodians are the players in the development of their country to ensure the durability of our programmes.
  • 22 years of action and more than 11,000 children saved from destitution
  • In France and in the world, a network based on volunteers with only 5 salaried staff based in our headquarters.

A rigorous financial management to ensure an efficient action

  • Social programmes 90%
  • Overheads 8%
  • Fundraising costs 2%

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To see the smiles on children' faces, to see where we come from and the happiness on every faces in our centre in Phnom Penh...
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