For a Child's Smile - PSE: From destitution to a vocation

A life without dreams
is no life at all.
Christian des Pallières
For over 20 years, PSE has been operating in Cambodia to help children escape destitution and get a decent job.
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Children standing in a classroom at one of PSE's community centres

The fundamental role of community centres in the fight against child malnutrition

Located in the shanty towns where the families helped by PSE live, community centres play an essential role in helping children to grow up properly.

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A girl from a state school and her mother visit PSE

Involving the families of children supported by PSE to improve their schooling

PSE is launching a new initiative: welcoming children attending state schools and their families to create links and reduce the number of drop outs.

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Portrait of Danich, a former PSE student

From Phnom Penh to Bangladesh, the incredible destiny of Danich

Education has always been a priority to Danich's family, despite difficult living conditions. Thanks to her good grades, she studied at a Bengali university.

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Marisa and her husband Fernando in front of the PSE entrance

Testimony of Marisa, committed to the children of Cambodia

Marisa, committed to PSE for 20 years
to ensure school continuity during the school break!

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Portrait of Sochea, former PSE student

Sochea, a path to fulfilment thanks to PSE

After a difficult childhood, Sochea saw his life and future transformed when he joined the PSE programmes. He is now a fulfilled adult!

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Docteur Malai in the PSE infirmary

Decades at PSE providing healthcare to the poorest families

Dr. Malai has been committed to her mission for 21 years and speaks of her work at PSE with love and passion.

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Portrait of Sokchea, left, and Kunthea, right

Providing a suitable education for children with disabilities

Cross portrait of Sokchea, a young girl in the PSE adapted teaching section, and Kunthea, her educator

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Les Pépites (Little Gems)

Information about Les Pépites (Little Gems), a Xavier de Lauzanne's film: the trailer, a word from the director, next projections...

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  • By donating €120, you offer a daily meal to a child for a year.
  • By donating €200, you allow us to distribute rice to 20 families in need for a month!

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You can deduct your donations from tax, if you pay tax in France:

  • 66% for individuals*
  • 60% for companies**

Please contact your local PSE branch to know more about possible tax benefits, if you live abroad.

*There is a limit to donations of 20% of taxable income
**There is a limit of 5‰ of gross anual revenue (excluding tax)

Engage with PSE

Do you want to dedicate some of your free time to a great cause?

Join our volunteers in one of our 26 branches in France and around the world.

Wherever you are, you can engage alongside them to spread the word about PSE as widely as possible!

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Sourires un Choeur, un événement en faveur des droits des enfants organisé par les bénévoles PSE
Concert solidaire en faveur de PSE
Repas cambodgien organisé par nos bénévoles
La réunion des antennes, un moment convivial où les bénévoles se rencontrent
Une bénévole à une vente solidaire pour PSE

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Our track record of putting the smile back on thousands of children's faces

  • In Cambodia, our staff is mainly from the local community. Cambodians are the players in the development of their country to ensure the durability of our programmes.
  • 22 years of action and more than 11,000 children saved from destitution
  • In France and in the world, a network based on volunteers with only 5 salaried staff based in our headquarters.

A rigorous financial management to ensure an efficient action

  • Social programmes 90%
  • Overheads 5%
  • Fundraising costs 5%

Read our activity report and our accounts

To see the smiles on children' faces, to see where we come from and the happiness on every faces in our centre in Phnom Penh...
Visit us in Cambodia!

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