Become a volunteer to help the children of Cambodia find a future :

Become a volunteer to help the children of Cambodia find a future

Wherever you are, you can make a difference. Join the 300 volunteers who are engaged in one of PSE's 26 branches!

PSE's volunteers all together

Why become a volunteer at Pour un Sourire d'Enfant ?

One of the strenghts of Pour un Sourire d'Enfant (PSE) over the past 25 years has been its volunteer network. To start with, it was very informal, with the involvement of Christian and Marie-France des Pallières', the founders of the association, relatives; it has gradually become structured and the activities have diversified.

Becoming a volunteer means joining a team, feeling useful and having a real impact, as our volunteers testify, "we get involved with motivated people who want to make things happen", Laurent PSE Nord.

Thanks to volunteering, we can implement activities to help the poorest children in Cambodia. We raise funds, ensuring we keep our fundraising costs low!

Together, we can put a smile on the face of thousands of children!

Help us continue the adventure!

To become a volunteer is to bring your desire to act, your energy and your enthusiasm to raise awareness of Pour un Sourire d'Enfant and the actions carried out to benefit the children supported through the programmes and to raise funds which are used to take care of the children.

You can give a little or a lot of your time, on a one-off basis or regularly, within a local volunteer branch or individually. If you wish, you can offer your skills and talents on a specific topic. You decide how you want to get involved!

Depending on your availability, find out how you can keep the adventure going, again and again, in a very simple and flexible way!

I have 5 minutes

I become an ambassador on social networks relaying information about PSE to my friends and family!

Become a PSE ambassador

At any given time

I encourage my friends and family to become a sponsor in turn! Tell them about your commitment and the reasons that led you to become a sponsor!

More information on sponsorship

I have a few hours

I organise a project near me! Show a film about the association, publicise PSE at school, mobilising my company, undertake a mini-donation initiative in a supermarket, sell handicrafts, exhibit and sell paintings... or help with any of them!

There is bound to be an activity that suits you... or one that you think of!

Organise a project near you

I have a few hours... or more!

I join one of the dynamic and friendly teams in our support branches near me, in France and overseas! All the members of the branches are volunteers.

Numerous and varied activities are organised by our branches, your help is always welcome.

Join a PSE branch near you

Testimonials from our volunteers

"Being a volunteer at PSE is exceptionally rich, you meet people from all walks of life with the same objective, to help children."



"What really motivates me about volunteering at PSE is the good understanding and kindness of all the people I meet. There is a good atmosphere right away, every time I meet someone from the network!" 


"What PSE is doing is incredible! And even if our contribution is a drop in the ocean compared to that of Christian and Marie-France, it is such a source of pride to help children escape poverty and become qualified professionals" 


Questions - answers on volunteering

  • How can I volunteer at Pour un Sourire d'Enfant?

Do you want to get involved and give your time to a good cause? Contact us, we will be delighted to talk to you!

  • What is the role of the volunteers?

​​​​​​​The volunteers at Pour un Sourire d'Enfant have an essential role to play in spreading the word about the association throughout France and overseas and in fundraising (notably via sponsorships), which are essential for the adventure to continue!

  • What are the advantages of volunteering?

​​​​​​​Volunteering means being useful while carrying out great actions and meeting great people! All our volunteers say it: volunteering at PSE is great.