Our successes since 1995 :

Our successes since 1995

10.000 smiles, 400 graduates a year and almost all of who find a job... A true "destitution-destroying machine"!

4,000 alumni in the workforce!

The results are there in front of us! Almost all our graduates find qualified jobs when they leave PSE, giving them back their dignity and allowing them to integrate into Cambodian society.

They in turn help their families and contribute to the development of their country.

Each year some 400 youngsters graduate, escaping from destitution with qualifications to be cooks, receptionists, tour guides, salespeople, accountants, administrative assistants, mechanics, electricians...

And each year, we welcome as many new children into our programmes. PSE works like a “destitution-destroying machine", as Christian des Pallières, co-founder, liked to say.

Some nice successes...


Sold when she was very young by her parents to repay their debts, she was not educated until the age of 14. Despite this, she managed to get her baccalaureate in management & accounting. Today she works at the Centre, providing tours for visitors.



After having lived in the camp at Site 2, on the Thai border, and then in a pagoda, he came to the dumpsite with his family. School at PSE was followed by waiter training. Today he oversees the dinner service and bar; he can now dream of opening and running his own restaurant.



He was one of the first children welcomed at the Centre, he went to school, passed his baccalaureate and then did preparatory class for higher education. But influenced by his tough childhood, he dropped out and returned to the street. Papy rescued him again by offering him a future in cinema. He was first a student at the Audio-Visual school and then became a trainer at PSE, he now works on an independent basis.


Child of the dumpsite, Sothie is a graduate of PSE. He passed his baccalaureate before getting a degree from the University of Phnom Penh in French and tourism. This success allowed him to open his own travel agency, Travelogue Asia, in Siem Reap, a town enjoying a tourist boom near the temples of Angkor.



Mentally handicapped, Viesna studied in a specialised class - an important part of our charity. He trained in catering and found a job in the PSE canteen. At the same time, he took riding lessons at the Cambodian Country Club, an equestrian centre in Phnom Penh. He proved to be so good that he won several gold medals and has been taken on by the club.