An NGO with responsible and transparent financial management :

An NGO with responsible and transparent financial management

Our financial model is effective and sustainable: sponsorships, complemented by donations, enable us to take care of the children for the long term.

Annual Activity Repport first page 2020-2021

2020 / 2021

At the end of 1995, Christian and Marie-France des Pallières discovered the horror of the poverty of the children on the Phnom Penh dumpsite and started the first emergency aid. PSE in Cambodia was born!

20 years on, 10,000 children lives are now on the right path. This extraordinary adventure has been recounted by the director Xavier de Lauzanne in his film Les Pépites (Little Gems) shot during the 20th anniversary year and released in France in autumn 2016. A magnificent gift to help spread the word about Pour un Sourire d’Enfant. Because the actions carry on!

Activity Report for 2020/2021


Complete transparency of our accounts

90% of our expenditure is directed to our social programmes helping the children and their families in Cambodia.

Overheads mainly cover the salaries and expenses of our team in Versailles, transport costs, bank charges and communication costs. Thanks to a dynamic branch network support PSE, made up of volunteers, fundraising expenses are minimal.

*Adapted teaching section for children with disabilities, mother and child progamme, nursery school assistants

Income and expenditure

99% of our income comes from private sources. Sponsorship – regular donations specifically to cover the cost of the children's care in our programmes – accounts for a significant proportion of the funding for our activities. One-off donations and corporate sponsorship supplements this, in particular allowing us to deliver our projects and investments.

Just over half of our spending, in Cambodia, goes on our education programmes up to secondary school level (nurseries, supporting children in state schools, both primary & secondary schools, and remedial schooling in our centre in Phnom Penh); a third goes on our students enrolled on vocational training courses and the remainder goes to our housing / protection programmes and the children supported in our specialised programmes.

Our accounts are audited on an annual basis.

The summary of accounts for 2020/2021  The detailed accounts for 2020/2021 (French)