An NGO with responsible and transparent financial management :

An NGO with responsible and transparent financial management

Our financial model is effective and sustainable: sponsorships, complemented by donations, enable us to take care of the children for the long term.

Annual activity report 2021-2022 cover

2021 / 2022

September 2021 - December 2022, a financial year that exceptionally covers 16 months, and is now based on the calendar year, in response to regulatory changes in Cambodia and France.
Following the pandemic, the school calendar has also been shifted to the calendar year. The priority for 2022 was the fight against school dropouts. The health crisis had pushed many of our beneficiaries back into extreme poverty, and we had to track down young people one by one who, mostly out of necessity, and some attracted by the easy money, had gone back to work. Another priority for the year, which interacted with the previous one, was the quality of teaching and supervision of our young people, through ongoing training.

The impetus is provided by a steering committee, led since August 2021 by Leakhena, one of the first children taken in by the founders, aged 8.

Marie-France des Pallières still lives at the Centre in Phnom Penh, among the children. On her 80th birthday in November, she told them that she had decided to stay with them until the end. She is also counting on PSE's vast network of sponsors, donors, patrons and volunteers. Thank you all so much.

Activity Report for 2021/2022

Complete transparency of our accounts

90% of our expenditure is directed to our social programmes helping the children and their families in Cambodia.

Overheads mainly cover the salaries and expenses of our team in Versailles, transport costs, bank charges and communication costs. Thanks to a dynamic branch network support PSE, made up of volunteers, fundraising expenses are minimal.

Income and expenditure

99% of our resources come from private donations. Sponsorships, which are regular donations to support the children in our programmes, account for a large proportion of the funding for our actions. They remained stable over the period. Donations and sponsorship grants supplement our resources, particularly for our projects and investments. There was a fall in sponsorship donations over the year - mainly due to smaller projects than in previous years - offset by an increase in unrestricted donations. In addition, the association was the beneficiary of a major property bequest in 2020-2021. A number of bequests and life insurance policies paid to the association have enabled this item to be maintained at a significant level during the 2021-2022 financial year.

In Cambodia, expenditure increased significantly, with our Centres returning to full activity in 2022 after having been closed (like all the schools in Cambodia due to the health crisis) two-thirds of the time during the 2020-2021 financial year. Programme costs are divided between two-thirds for education and training, and one-third for support programmes (nutrition, health, family support, child development and protection, etc.).