Become a partner or corporate sponsor to participate in our actions : For a Child's Smile - PSE

Become a partner or corporate sponsor to participate in our actions

Become a partner to support our NGO in its educational and social missions and help Cambodian children living in extreme poverty have a worthwhile future.

WHY become a partner ?

By becoming one of PSE’s partners, you share our values ​​of solidarity and protection of the rights of the child while upholding Cambodia’s traditions and culture. These meaningful values ​​enthuse your employees.

You are associated with a strong partner and share in the success of our activities, which have been carried out for over 20 years, in a spirit of cost conscious management and professionalism.

Your donations to PSE may be eligible for tax credits/benefits within your country of residence.

WHO can be our partner ?

Our partners are like our projects: diverse.

Whatever the size or structure of your organization, please join us to common goals by contributing within your means.

HOW can you support us?

► Financial donations

► Donations in kind

► Sharing expertise

► Fundraising events involving your employees

► Support events organized by your local PSE branch

... Other options include revenue sharing in which your company donates a proportion of sales to PSE. Such an approach enables you to engage with your customers and your employees to build your image through your generosity.

Employee planned giving allows your staff to engage closely with a charity so they can see the impact they are making.