Helping a child is helping the whole family! :

Helping a child is helping the whole family!

Pich, a mother from the sewing workshop, holds her son Daravisal

Since the beginning of its actions, Pour un Sourire d'Enfant has included families in its programmes to ensure that the children attend school.

Pich is the mother of two boys, including 4-year-old Daravisal, who is welcomed every day in one of PSE's kindergartens. But he is not the only one to benefit from the association's support, as the whole family has been involved in the programmes since 2018. 

Today, the family lives near the PSE centre in Phnom Penh, but at the time they sought the association's help, they were living in very difficult conditions in the Toul Pongro district, in the south of Phnom Penh. They live under the tin roof of a rented house. The husband is a tailor but orders are scarce, and Pich works in the factory for a miserable salary that does not cover the rent and basic daily expenses.

Pich then turned to PSE for help. The older child joined one of PSE's kindergartens. The following year, his little brother Daravisal joined him and the mother was accepted into the sewing course of the short training programme for parents of children in care. This training provided her with the skills to move on to a better qualified job in a few months. She decided to apply to the PSE sewing workshop, where she still works. There she makes uniforms for the students.

"This job is very important to me because it is stable and allows me to earn enough to support my family. Our life has changed completely, I didn't think it was possible. I am not worried about the future anymore," says Pich.

Pich working in the PSE sewing workshop
Daravisal with his friends in one of the PSE nurseries

During the pandemic, the family received emergency assistance from PSE, especially after Pich's husband lost his job. Today, their situation has stabilised. 

The family receives monthly rice compensation, about 15 kilos. Her eldest son now goes to the local primary school. He receives a meal every day and PSE has provided him with his uniform and the school materials he needs. 

"My two children are able to go to school and get a good education, which means they have a chance in life. Daravisal has a smile on his face when he goes to daycare every day, and I often see him playing with all the friends he has made. It makes me smile too," Pich concludes.

A success made possible thanks to sponsorship

Since the beginning of their actions in Cambodia, Christian and Marie-France des Pallières, the founders of PSE, have chosen to rely on sponsorship to ensure the sustainability of the association's programmes. The commitment we make to the children is strong: we lead them from misery to a profession!

The comprehensive care we offer the children is long-term. We commit ourselves to the end and do not leave any child by the side of the road. 

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