Spread the word about PSE to those around you :

Spread the word about PSE to those around you

You can participate by organising fundraising events, showing one of our films... or by simply spreading the word about us!

Everyone can contribute

Since its inception, PSE's actions have been possible thanks to the enthusiasm of its supporters: friends, volunteers, sponsors, donors, etc…

The best way to share the knowledge of our activities is also the cheapest: by word-of-mouth!

You will contribute to minimising overheads and fundraising costs (9%) ensuring our resources can be dedicated to caring for the children.

Below are a few suggestions for how to spread the word about PSE!

Speak about PSE, show our films

You've been touched by PSE, by its approach to looking after children, its ethics or its impact, but you don't know how to help? Spread the word around you! It is easy for you and it represents great support for us.

You can also show your friends, family or colleagues one of PSE's movies or the documentary Les Pépites (Little Gems) by Xavier de Lauzanne. Lasting between one minute and an hour and a half, videos and movies presenting our action are numerous, so do not hesitate to ask us!

For more information, contact your local branch.

Pass on news to your networks

Whether by email or on social networks, it is simple to keep track of invitations and information


In the 25 branches of PSE volunteers regularly organise events:

Contact the nearest branch (France / internationally), they will be keen to add you to their mailing list. With a click, you can forward the mail to your contacts!

Facebook pages

Life in the PSE Centre in Cambodia, news about the children, the annual tour, summer camps, and other updates... there is so much information to share!

There are Facebook pages for PSE in France, Cambodia, UK, & USA; go visit them and click "Like"!

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Organise an event to raise funds

Many artists perform for the benefit of charities;
Schools organise bowls of rice or solidarity races;
Companies organise solidarity action days,
Recommend that the next one should be for PSE!

You have the soul of an organiser? We can support you in this project: helping to find a free room, helping with communication, inviting the public etc.

Engage with your local PSE branch either in France or internationally.

A few examples of events you can organise:

  • PSE presentation to attract new sponsors and donors by screening a PSE film with friends, colleagues, in schools, universities...
  • Organising an event for the benefit of PSE: a play, concert, rice bowl operation, running, cycling, a Christmas market, other sales...
  • As for birthday gifts or those for a family celebration be given to PSE.
  • Organising a sale of PSE crafts made by mothers in difficulty.