Putting Cambodians in charge of PSE's Centre :

Putting Cambodians in charge of PSE's Centre

The team on the ground of 650 staff is almost entirely Cambodian; they put all their energy to make the children smile again.

The founders, first witnesses

Christian (who died on 24th September 2016) and Marie-France des Pallières have lived and worked among the children in Cambodia since the start of their action in the country. Today, Marie-France des Pallières still lives in PSE, in a house in the middle of the center

From the beginning, they established a strong bond with the children, who affectionately called them "Papy" and "Mamie" (Grandpa and Grandma).

For 20 years, they have come to present their actions in France and Europe during an annual "tour", driving their motorhome "Nain-Bus” along the way. Marie-France des Pallières has been continuing the tradition every year.

Daily activities in the field

Christian was a member of the Board. Marie-France ensures compliance with commitments to the sponsors and donors, as she did alongside Christian on a daily basis, and ensures respect for the ethics of PSE, as expressed in its charter.

Papy also created and ran the Film School (sponsored by filmmaker Patrice Leconte) in the PSE Institute.

Marie-France works with the social team to help identify the most vulnerable children to integrate into our programmes. She also manages the publication of the quarterly PSE newsletter, much loved by our sponsors and donors. 

PSE Charter

The Khmer team

Cambodians must be in charge of the development of their country and it has always been a priority from the beginning. This was the desire of the founders in order to ensure the sustainability of PSE’s programmes.

The management team is almost fully Khmer: the Programme Director has built a qualified and motivated team. Each year he proposes an annual plan of action and budget to the board. Along with his team, he manages and implements all the programmes.

PSE has over 650 staff in Cambodia, 95% of them are Khmer : teachers, trainers, doctors, psychologists, social workers, IT specialists, maintenance technicians, administrative staff, kitchen staff... Additionally, around 20 volunteers are given long-term contracts to support the action.