The story of Malin, when access to education encourages great ambition :

The story of Malin, when access to education encourages great ambition

Portrait de Malin, jeune fille prise en charge par PSE

After 10 years of support provided by PSE, Malin is getting closer to realize her dream of becoming a teacher.

Malin is an ambitious 18-year-old woman, who knows exactly what she wants. She lives with her mother in Beoung Salang district, Phnom Penh. Every morning, she rides her bike to attend complementary classes at PSE, and in the afternoon she goes to study in a public school (grade 12). When Malin talks about her hobbies and her dreams, everything revolves around books, sports, music and going to Paris…


" I no longer worry about my future anymore. "

‘’My dream is to become a teacher; I want to share the knowledge I am learning here with the next generation, and help other children the same way my teachers are helping me right now at PSE’’

Malin, 8-year-old student at PSE

Ten years ago, Malin lived in extreme poverty with her mother and her two sisters: ‘’some days, we could not even find food to eat’’. At that time, her grandmother heard from neighbors about PSE’s support and decided to bring her family’s situation to the attention of the NGO. Unfortunately, she passed away shortly after. PSE provided them with food baskets, rice, and clothes. Malin and her younger sister were able to access education for the first time. PSE took full care of them, starting from their educational program, along with school materials, uniform, transportation and food.

Students in class
Teacher teaching to the students

In addition, complementary classes inside PSE Centre can be offered to the student if necessary. Malin has benefited from this support until today, as she requested. She really has a close follow-up with her teachers, who can give her more attention than in public school: ‘’PSE has changed my life a lot. Now, my family lives in decent conditions. Thanks to PSE, I have access to extra-classes. We would not have been able to afford them in a public school.’’

She also talked about the pandemic and how her family’s situation became unstable again, since her mother could no longer rely on a fixed income anymore. However, they could have relied on emergency aid from PSE, as well as on well-organized distance learning: ‘’ for example, I struggled with internet issues at home, but I was always looking forward to attending online classes. It was the best moment of the day’’.

Malin has resumed school since January 3; she still has 1 year left of general studies before starting higher education. Her hard work and determination will surely make her dreams come true.