Pediatric Doctor :

Pediatric Doctor

Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE) - For a Child’s Smile is a non-profit organization founded by Christian and Marie-France des Pallières, operating in Cambodia since 1995. Its mission is to help children escape from destitution and lead them to decent, skilled and well-paid jobs.

Recognized by the local authorities, PSE is working in respect of the country with the Cambodians and thus supports sustainable development.

Six main programs – adapted to the needs of the children – have been developed: food, health, protection, education & schooling, vocational training and help for families.

PSE helps more than 6,500 children and more than 6,000 graduates from PSE Vocational Training program graduates have already successfully integrated the job market with a real qualified position. PSE employs more than 650 people in Cambodia (Phnom Penh mainly) and 6 staff at the headquarters in France. 400 volunteers in different countries are actively working on making the organization known through fundraising donations and sponsorships.

In 2000, PSE received the French Human Rights Prize from the French Republic.

Phnom Penh
Starting date:
Job description:

S/he will responsible to manage key functions of MCH program, Includes: leadership and team management, Technical, reporting to network and relevant operation roles and MCH programs:

  1. Daily care and cure of malnourished children
  2. Day care Project for children from 3 months to 18 months.
  3. Milk program
  4. Nutrition survey programs in CSC.

And Also, s/he will ensure children and their family members received benefits and treatments from the MCH programs followed the national health program and PSE criterias and guideline.


MCH Programs Management:
Manage 4 programs in MCH such as: 

  • Provide daily care and cure of malnourished children after recruiting into Nutrition Centre. 
  • Support day care for children from 3 months to 18 months (PSE’s family and staff’s baby).
  • Support children in the milk program. Monitor milk comsumption and child growth with following MCH schedule planning.
  • Survey and pilot test on nutrition situation for children under 5 years old of age in communities service centre to find out the rate of malnutrition in each community to develop the care plan.

Consultation and Treatment:

  • Consultation and treatment for all MCH children program such as: (malnourished children and children in day care project) by respecting medical ethics and practice according to medical technique. 
  • Keep all patient record or patient’s histories into a database system. 
  • Find out a good diagnostic for patients before prescription.
  • Explain to their parents as prescripted by doctor.
  • Transfer children who have problems​ (moderate and sirous of malnutrition) to the hospital that PSE cooperated with as: (National Pediatric Hospital, Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital, etc).


  • Provide the health education on general hygiene to their parents as: (bodies, Nutrition, food materials).
  • Manage and responsable for the edical check-up once per year for malnourished children and children in day care project .
  • Provide the medical campaign/follow up on  national vaccination program to their parents.

Medicine Control: 

  • Be responsible for manage the amount of the medicines used in MCH program.
  • Keep a prescription for a month to make sure our data is accurate.

Leadership and team management:

  • Manage MCH team performance management process to ensure each staff has annual objective at the beginning of the year and also conduct the performance appraisal followed RH schedule. 
  • Support reflection about the problems faced by the teams concerning their work with clients or patients.
  • Organize weekly technical meeting. 
  • Initiate professional growth through continuing education of MCH staffs.
  • Develop tools, procedures and guidelines related with MCH program to ensure the quality and efficiency.
  • In arranging parent meetings regaring the provision of MCH program. 
  • Monitor the diet management cycle to make sure it was thoroughly cycle implemented.

Reporting Management:

  • Preparing statistic patients, medicine, medical checkup (in computer and hard copy) and good keeping.
  • Taking record and Keep all the documents related with Child. 
  • Monthly report to health manager

•    Degree in Pediatric Doctor or General Doctor. 
•    Master degree in public heath.
•    A minimum of 2 years professional experience on Pediatric doctor or General Doctor.
•    Experience of working with early childhood development. 
•    Experience of working with malnourished children.
•    Good command of written and spoken English and French is a plus.
•    Computer literate (gmail, Microsoft office, PowerPoint…).
•    Strong technical to know about diagnosis, treatment and ethic medical.
•    Interpersonal communication and adaptive to a diverse team working environment.
•    Ability to assessement and manage on nutrition for under 5years old children.
•    Commitment to PSE’s vision, core values and code of conduct
•    Policy compliance and protection of children
•    Patience, adaptability and ability to cope with change process.
•    Ensuring timely, high quality results. Being a role model for continuous learning and improvement.

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Applications with cover letter and resume should be sent to [email protected]
Recruitment team contact: 093 617 555