Youn, proud to be a future mechanic :

Youn, proud to be a future mechanic

Portrait de Youn dans l'atelier pratique de mécanique de PSE

21 year-old Youn fights stereotypes, she is passionate about the vocational training she is undertaking, at PSE, to become a mechanic. 

"Everyone told me 'you are girl, why do you want to study to be a mechanic" remembers Youn, 21 years old. "My teachers, other students, my friends and family, everyone tried to make me change my mind and to push me towards a course considered as 'feminine'. But studying accounting or admin didn't interest me!"

Youn is currently the only female student studying to be a mechanic in the vocation training school at PSE. There was no specific reason for her to train to be a mechanic. "I started at PSE in the Foundation year after I had dropped out of school in 9th grade. When I came here, I didn't really know which vocational training course I would pursue afterwards... What made me decide? The classrooms were right in front of the garage where students do practical exercises, and every day I could see the students working around the cars. Little by little, it kindled my interest until it became obvious: I was going to be a mechanic!" she exclaimed with a huge smile. 


"Even though I was really excited to be accepted on the course, the first day was very difficult because I felt really uncomfortable to be the only girl. Obviously, I couldn't show it" she laughs. "Now I feel much better, we have all become friends."

"Classes can be really hard sometimes but there is no way I will give up because I love what I do! Working on the electronic parts in the cars is what I prefer: it is not physical; it's actually quite the opposite you have to use your brain to understand how it works and make it work."

Behind her youthful features, Youn is a very ambitious young woman. "After the training, I'd like to work in a big car company to gain experience, then in the future I'd like to open my own garage. I don't think it will be difficult... as long as I have the money" she says whilst bursting with laughter. 



"I am extremely proud of myself! I am the only girl who came to study to be a mechanic, can you imagine?"

"I want to tell all the girls: be strong and trust yourself, because thanks to self-confidence you will be able to accomplish all your dreams" she concludes, her eyes full of stars.