Protecting children in danger: our actions to guarantee their safety :

Protecting children in danger: our actions to guarantee their safety

We have st up special programmes for the most vulnerable children: boarding school, foster families, summer camps...

Boarding and Foster Families

This programme has been designed to help orphaned children or those for whom remaining with their families is too dangerous (risk of violence, rape, being sold or prostitution...)

Some 160 students, more than half of them girls, benefit from the safety and security of the boarding facility in our Phnom Penh Centre. The youngest and those with siblings, about a hundred children, are cared for by foster families. Our social services team closely monitors them and pays the families for providing foster care.

Boarding school

The high cost of property in Phnom Penh has forced many families to leave the city. Thus, many of our children would not be able to continue their education at the centre.

To solve this problem, we built boarding facilities that now house more than 250 students.


Children with disabilities

Foyer Source de Vie (the Centre for children with disabilities) opened in May 2013 and now offers 24-hour care for about 20 children with multiple disabilities.

With support from staff specialists, children enjoy living conditions that ensure their safety, well-being and development, while maintaining ties with their families.

Summer Camps

During the holidays, we take advantage of our vacated PSE facilities, to offer summer camps to a large number of children. This protects them from forced labour and ensures continuity.

Children are welcomed every day in August to participate in recreational activities in the three PSE centres and in our Community Centres in neighbouring districts and villages. The camps are staffed by Cambodian and young European volunteers

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