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A girl from a state school and her mother visit PSE

Involving the families of children supported by PSE to improve their schooling

PSE is launching a new initiative: welcoming children attending state schools and their families to create links and reduce the number of drop outs.

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Children standing in a classroom at one of PSE's community centres

The fundamental role of community centres in the fight against child malnutrition

Located in the shanty towns where the families helped by PSE live, community centres play an essential role in helping children to grow up properly.

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Portrait of Sochea, former PSE student

Sochea, a path to fulfilment thanks to PSE

After a difficult childhood, Sochea saw his life and future transformed when he joined the PSE programmes. He is now a fulfilled adult!

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Daro, a brilliant former PSE pupil, gives a thumbs-up

Daro's potential, beyond poverty

PSE has been helping Daro's family since 2001. He went to school and turned out to be a brilliant pupil so the virtuous circle of support led him to success.

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Portrait of Sokchea, left, and Kunthea, right

Providing a suitable education for children with disabilities

Cross portrait of Sokchea, a young girl in the PSE adapted teaching section, and Kunthea, her educator

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Docteur Malai in the PSE infirmary

Decades at PSE providing healthcare to the poorest families

Dr. Malai has been committed to her mission for 21 years and speaks of her work at PSE with love and passion.

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Portrait of Sreynut, a PSE former student

A message of hope from Sreynut, a former ragpicker

While Sreynut grew up on the dump, she is now an accomplished professional who carries a message of hope for the children of PSE.

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Sebastien Clouet, dean of PSE' School of Business

Sébastien, Dean of the PSE School of Business, explains the exciting new projects ahead

Since he joined PSE, Sébastien has been working on new initiatives for our students at the School of Business.

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Pauline, former PES volunteer surrounded by children

Pauline, a former volunteer still committed to the children of Cambodia

After two years of volunteering at PSE, Pauline is still committed to the children she has been in charge of in Cambodia!

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Director Kim Chapiron with our film school students

Our film school is filming with French director Kim Chapiron

The students took part in an ambitious project: making a music video under the direction of French director Kim Chapiron!

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Pich, a mother from the sewing workshop, holds her son Daravisal

Helping a child is helping the whole family!

Since the beginning of its actions, Pour un Sourire d'Enfant has included families in its programmes to ensure that the children attend school.

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Nisa, a young student, in front of the Lotus Blanc

Fresh students in practice!

Our students in vocational training, like Nisa, have just started practicing in the PSE workshops: the restaurant, the garage, the beauty salon...

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