International Day of Education :

International Day of Education

Des élèves en classe à l'école PSE

It is the International Day of Education on 24th January, find out how PSE is working for the education of poor children in Cambodia.

Education: a right for all

PSE has defended the idea that every child should be able to go to school, ever since its creation, not only to learn how to read, to write or to learn a trade but also to prepare for their future adult life.

Education is a fundamental right, guaranteed by the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. It helps fight poverty and encourages peace and gender equality.  Going to school is the best way to have a dignified future and to develop the tools necessary to create a fairer world.

Today, there are still thousands of children who are not attending school: they are too poor and have to work to provide for their families.  In Cambodia, despite huge progress in providing access to education, there are still too many children who are not able to get the schooling that would allow them to break from the cycle of poverty.

Concrete actions to develop education

Each year, thousands of poor Cambodian children are able to get an education, thanks to PSE. Christian and Marie-France des Pallières, founders of the association, made it PSE’s main mission, to answer to the children’s request: “to go to school, like other children”

The association offers end-to-end education programmes adapted to the needs of children.

Children who are not behind in school for their age, go to state schools in their neighbourhood.  PSE provides them school materials, uniforms, transport (bus or bike), a meal, help in their orientation and monitors children’s attendance and results. Students who have difficulties at school, are welcomed each half day at PSE for school support lessons.

As for the children who are significantly behind in their schooling, they are welcomed on a full-time basis in our remedial school where they follow a programme whereby they study two levels in one year.

Un élève à PSE
Marie-France des Pallières fondatrice de PSE avec une jeune prise en charge par l'association

Guarantee a full education thanks to sponsorship

The work of PSE is indispensable: it allows children to realise their dream to go to school and to regain the hope of a dignified future.

But learning takes time, so does becoming a responsible citizen and escaping destitution.

On average, the children PSE help stay 10 years in our programmes. That is why, PSE has set up the sponsorship system: a guarantee to be able to take care of the children until the end of their schooling, until they find a job that allows them to live in dignity.

We cannot leave any child by the side of the road. Help us defend the right for all children to an education by committing to PSE:

Each quarter, you will receive news of our children through the newsletter written by Marie-France des Pallières, founder of PSE, who lives at the heart of the PSE School, and who always pays close attention to every single child welcomed by the association. You will also receive a supplement aimed at your children and grandchildren: Chenda’s newsletter.

Chenda's Newsletter, educating your children in solidarity

Becoming a sponsor, you act directly in support of education because you allow one or more children to attend school. Your children or grandchildren, benefit from opening up to others thanks to Chenda’s newsletter, a supplement aimed at children.

This small newsletter written for children aims to arouse their interest in Cambodia and to teach them the importance of solidarity and opening to the most vulnerable in society, in a language adapted to their age.  In each edition, they will discover a section on Cambodia to arouse their interest in the country, information about PSE and how they can help Cambodian children (by themselves or in collaboration with their schools).

Access the first edition of Chenda’s newsletter


My best school memories

Discover Rastan’s and Sreykhay’s, two of PSE students, best school memories. Thanks to PSE, they can go to school and learn a trade. Both of them can now dream of a bright future.


“I really enjoy going to PSE, it has already been 5 years and I am still learning a lot! What I like best are the Khmer and the English lessons.

My best memory?  It must be the extra-curricular activities that PSE organises! I hesitate between the show “PSE’s got talent” where many children perform to show their talents or the celebration for the Khmer New Year: it is always a party at PSE!

My dream is to become a cook, so I really hope to be able to join PSE’s Hotelery vocational training school.”



“Lots of us come and study at PSE and as there are a lot of opportunities, each of us finds something we like!  Personally, I would like to work in human resources later.

I am really grateful to benefit from everything the association offers me: I sleep, eat and study for free.

My best memory at PSE?  It was when we, the students, organised an activity to clean the streets around the school. I thought to myself that I too was also able to help the society, I felt really useful!”