Sponsor a child to bring their smile back and provide sustainable support :

Sponsor a child to bring their smile back and provide sustainable support

For 47 euros a month, you can help a child escape destitution and have a worthwhile future.

Think of the children as if they were our own

Chenda, Dany, Chamroeun... most were scavengers, some were stone breakers or street workers: work that is not appropriate for children of their age. They were hungry, often sick and abused.

When our social team finds them, we strive to help them and give them the best possible care. Feed them, provide medical treatment and if necessary protect them; they are then educated and provided vocational training.

To enable us to plan effectively, we need long-term support; sponsorship provides us the foundation.

You want to sponsor or adjust the amount of sponsorship:

Parrainer un enfant depuis la FranceParrainer un enfant depuis les États-UnisParrainer un enfant depuis le Royaume-UniParrainer un enfant depuis la BelgiqueParrainer un enfant depuis la Suisse

Parrainer un enfant depuis l'AllemagneParrainer un enfant depuis Hong-KongParrainer un enfant depuis le LuxembourgParrainer un enfant depuis l'Espagne

You decide the amount you wish to give and your sponsorship can be stopped at any time.

Putting the interests of the children first

To develop, the children must be confident. As with our own children, we give each one the support they need individually. We do not show favouritism. That is why our sponsorship is non-nominative, treating each child equally.

Despite this, the sponsor does not have an anonymous relationship. Quarterly newsletters describe the children, their backgrounds and their evolution.

Furthermore, sponsors are welcome to come to the Centre to see the smiles, the results and the appreciation of the children!

Sponsorship, a gesture of love accessible to all

The reference sponsorship is 40£ / 56$ per month; however you can choose the amount you wish to give : simply specify the amount on the sponsorship form.

Each sponsorship counts! There are no small or large sponsors; there are only saved children!

Overall we support over 6,500 children.

Sponsors can increase or decrease the amount they give at any time or they can stop altogether.

What does sponsorship cover?

Sponsorship goes beyond the costs of education, it contributes to the comprehensive care of the children: food, healthcare, protection and housing, education, vocational training, PMI, tutoring, after-school activities, help for families...

When a family meets our eligibility criteria we support all their children, whatever their age or state. We have a nutrition programme for babies, a specialized programme for handicapped children, etc.

Why sponsor at PSE?

  • PSE helps the poorest of the poor.
  • PSE looks after all the children's needs - food, protection, education, healthcare and family support
  • PSE is committed to support the children until they are qualified to find a job.
  • PSE is led primarily by volunteers; overheads and fundraising expenses are low (9%)
  • PSE promotes the Khmerisation of local teams to ensure the work is sustainable.