Justine, a volunteer committed to helping children with disabilities :

Justine, a volunteer committed to helping children with disabilities

Portrait of Justine Clénet, volunteer occupational therapist

Justine is a volunteer occupational therapist at PSE and aims to help children with disabilities gain autonomy and independence.

A life-changing encounter

"I have always wanted to do volunteer work. I simply discovered PSE through an advert. I was deeply moved by the values of the association, which is focused on helping the most disadvantaged", explains Justine, 28, who decided to fly to Cambodia in January 2021, at the height of the Covid-19 epidemic, for a two-year Volunteer for International Solidarity mission.

A meaningful volunteering mission

The children cared for by PSE come from the poorest families in Cambodia and live in areas of extreme poverty, in small houses made of sheet metal and wood. These conditions are not adapted to the specific needs of children with disabilities. "With the team, we are taking action to adapt their living conditions as much as possible," explains Justine. 

Soon after her arrival in Cambodia, a strict confinement was put in place in spring 2021. Once again, Justine and her colleagues did everything they could to continue to support them. "PSE distributed smartphones to children and young people with disabilities. We organised online courses and activities. A lot of work was done to motivate the families because without them, nothing would have been possible. Everyone participated! A real success for us," says Justine proudly. 

"Since the beginning of my mission, I have reviewed my sense of priorities and have learned to put things into perspective," explains Justine, for whom the exchanges with the children and her colleagues have become her favourite moments. "I observe a lot of benevolence towards children with disabilities, both from the PSE staff and from the other young people. It's a different way of looking at disability, which is really good", she explains.

Justine working with a disabled child with her colleague

A desire to commit to PSE in the long term

Justine is in regular contact with the PSE Loire-Ocean group of volunteers. They organise fundraising activities from France for the Section d'Enseignement Adapté where Justine is a volunteer. "Since the beginning, I keep them informed via a newsletter and regular visios of the progress of our actions for our young people with disabilities. I don't know what I will do yet, but one thing is for sure: I will continue to invest myself in PSE" concludes Justine.