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PSE For a Child’s Smile UK

For a Child's Smile UK
4 Earldom Road
SW15 1AF
United Kingdom
+44 20 8789 3770
This branch is an association.

Contact: Ghislaine Hannay

Tel: +44 20 8789 3770
Mob: +44 7816 119 372

UK Team

Alison Logier, Anne-Lise Dieu, Najat Ziani, Ghislaine Hannay, Phil Hannay, Valérie Petgès.

New members are always welcome, please contact us if you want to join (


Ghislaine Hannay, Phil Hannay, Caroline Dutheil de la Rochère, Camille Joly, Alison Logier, Ghislaine Dufour.

For a Child's Smile (London) was registered as a Charity with the Charities Commission of England & Wales in February 2006. It’s registration number is 1112963.



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