New projects to increase our impact

The situation is just as urgent today as it was 20 years ago: that is why the association is constantly evolving to provide better support for the children.

... to act for the benefit of children and their families, to respond to emergencies and those in dire circumstances, to improve the impact of our programmes.

We provide our sustaining partners with transparency on financial data, regular progress reports, as well as a final evaluation report.

Support comes from companies, foundations, fellow NGOs as well as individual donors. Join our partners in supporting our projects.

A renovated and modernised practice restaurant for our School of Hospitality and Tourism


Since it was created in 2002, PSE’s School of Hospitality and Tourism has trained 2 000 students, with a 100% employment rate. The practice restaurant plays a crucial role in preparing students to the actual conditions of their future job.

The catering trade is growing at high speed in Cambodia, carried by a booming tourism industry. Such conditions on the market are promising of a brilliant future for our students, provided that we continue offering a high-quality training which meets the growingly demanding standards of the profession. That is why we have decided to give our students more practice hours in the conditions of today's catering trade.

The project

  • Rebuilding and reorganising the restaurant
  • Renovation of the kitchen and of the bakery workshop
  • Building a rooftop
  • The restaurant will be fully operational by September 2019.

Building new classrooms in our Centre

Why ?

In order to tackle school dropouts among underprivileged children, we organize tutoring since 2016 in our school in Phnom Penh for children in difficulty. State school classes take place in half-day sessions, so we take charge of the children during the other half-day, every day of the week. 1 000 children benefit from the program, which represents 500 additional children every day in the Centre.

Moreover, our first wooden school buildings erected 20 years ago are now on a spot flooded each year during the rainy season. We must therefore reorganize the distribution of classes in the different school buildings of the Centre.

The project

  • A new school building in our Centre in Phnom Penh, with 18 classrooms to welcome around 470 children
  • Classrooms will be available for children in September 2019