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Plumbing and Air-con Installation Instructor

Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE) – For a Child’s Smile is a non-profit organization founded by Christian and Marie-France des Pallières, operating in Cambodia since 1995. Its mission is to help to help children escape from destitution and lead them to decent, skilled and well-paid jobs.

Recognized by the local authorities, PSE is working in respect of the country, with the Cambodians, and thus supports sustainable development.

Six main programs – adapted to the needs of the children – have been developed: food, health, protection, education & schooling, vocational training and help for families.

PSE helps more than 6,000 children and more than 4,500 graduates from PSE Vocational Training program already have successfully integrated the job market with a real qualified position. PSE employs more than 600 people in Cambodia (Phnom Penh mainly) and 5 staff at the headquarter in France. 300 volunteers in different countries are actively working on making the organization known, on fundraising donations and sponsorships.

In 2000, PSE received the French Human Rights Prize by the French Republic.

Phnom Penh
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Job description:

To plan, organize and implement an appropriate instructional program in a learning environment that guides and encourages students to develop and full-fill their academic potential for school of technology.

  • Primary classroom issues of students in their academic attitude and progress, Disciplinary, social and family problem of the students, the improvement of school curriculum and activities, Learning Assessment, and students encouragement
  • Respect the standardization, competencies and program of the lecture
  • Actually participate to the entire life and school team
  • Teach consistently high quality lessons in line with the designated school curriculum;
  • Use a variety of pedagogical techniques of student centered approach
  • Plan and deliver schemes of work and lessons that meet the requirements record/report for teaching/class administration;
  • Monitor and support the overall progress and development of students as a teacher and tutor; 
  • Facilitate and encourage a learning experience which provides students with the opportunity to achieve their individual potential;
  • Be a role model for students, inspiring them to be actively interested in the major field by ensuring a high quality learning environment;
  • Set cover work during any leave of absence;
  • Promote aspects of personal development related the major subject;
  • Provide basic counselling to slow learners or learners with discipline problems by encouraging an active selflearning both in school and community.
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