Implications of the Coronavirus on PSE :

Implications of the Coronavirus on PSE

Informations liées à la situation sanitaire 2020

In our headquarters, PSE organises itself, confronted by the current healthcare situation and the uncertainty of its evolution.

Dear friends of PSE,

The current healthcare situation, and the uncertainty of its evolution, impacts our charity as much as other organisations and people. Consequently, we are adapting.

The team in our headquarters in Versailles (France) will ensure the continuity of services, thanks to the remote management tools we have. Our response time might be a little longer than usual, and we thank you in advance for your understanding.

During this period, please use email rather than sending us letters or contacting us by phone:
[email protected]. However, until further notice we are still able to pick up letters about once a week as long as the postal service continues to work.

Our thoughts go to each of you, including those affected by the illness, carers, our families in Cambodia who are so helpless in the face of such a crisis, and our team in Cambodia who supports them with enthusiasm and determination. 

Thomas Valleteau, General Secretary