Christian des Pallières has died :

Christian des Pallières has died

Portrait of Christian des Pallières

Christian des Pallières, co-founder (with his wife Marie-France) of Pour un Sourire d'Enfant, affectionately known as "Papy" by the children, died on Saturday 24th September, at the age of 82, in his house, in Phnom Penh (Cambodia), in the middle of the PSE Centre.

Since the announcement of his death, hundreds of children and graduates of PSE have been sharing moving and impressive reminiscences. Thousands gathered to pay their respects at the cremation ceremony on Monday 26th October. Everyone associated with PSE shares the sorrow with his family.

Christian des Pallières is at peace partly because he knows that PSE will continue to save and educate the children.  For a long time, the team of more than 600 Cambodians, employees of PSE, ensure its continuity and delivery on the ground - to save children from destitution and provide them the skills required to get a job.

A religious ceremony will be celebrated in Paris in the presence of his wife Marie-France and their children on Saturday 8th October at 16:30 at St. Ferdinand des Ternes church (Paris XVIIeme).  According to the wishes of the Christian des Pallières, no flowers but sponsorships or donations to the charity ( or PSE, 49 rue Lamartine, 78000 Versailles.

A Buddhist ceremony will be held on Sunday 9th October at 15:00, at the House of Cambodia, in the Cité Universitaire in Paris (Boulevard Jourdan - Metro City University).

Christian des Pallières dreamed of a better world. He always said that we must live our own dreams. His extraordinary adventure with his wife Marie-France is related in "Les Pépites” (Little Gems) a film directed by Xavier de Lauzanne.  A movie that is going on general release in France on 5th October ...