Organise a project near you! :

Organise a project near you!

Discover the different ways you can help and spread the word about Pour un Sourire d'Enfant (PSE) around you!

Screening the movie "Les Pépites" (Little Gems) at an assembly

Organise a sponsorship evening

  • Introduce Pour un Sourire d'Enfant to a small group (relatives, colleagues, a club, your parish...) and make them aware of sponsorship.
  • Our volunteers can join you to provide a testimonial and answer questions from the public.

You can also organise an evening for the tour when Marie-France des Pallières comes to France.

Are you interested? More information on how to organise an evening for the tour

I bring solidarity to schools

Various actions can be proposed to the head teacher, a teacher or other contact person at your children's / grandchildren's school:

  • Presentation to the class: showing a film or slide show adapted to the age of the pupils followed by a discussion.Numerous educational tools are available to you to talk about the association and solidarity.
  • Organise a solidarity project: a fair, a race or “Olympics”, a cake sale, bowl of rice operation...

Find out more about our activities in schools

Children run a solidarity race for the benefit of PSE
3 volunteers behind a sales stand for the benefit of PSE

Prepare a sale or a solidarity event

You can organise sales or cultural or sporting events with your friends and family, with your local community or within your company, and donate the funds raised to the association.

For example:

  • Cake or craft sale (with your creations or those of your friends and family)
  • Exhibition and sale of paintings donated by artists
  • Concert, theatre, meal (Cambodian, formal dress...)
  • Walk, hike, sports event (golf, race...)

Organise a fundraising event

You can organise different fundraising events on various occasions:

  • Mini-donation in supermarkets (a flyer with a barcode allows customers to donate €2 at the checkout, the equivalent of 5 meals for our children)
  • Online solidarity kitty (birthday, birth, wedding...)
Mini-donation in a supermarket
3 options for bringing solidarity into your company

I bring solidarity into my company!

With Pour un Sourire d'Enfant, I can unite my employees around a cause of solidarity and mobilize through actions or a partnership: screening of the documentary film "Les Pépites" by Xavier de Lauzanne during lunch break, presentations by our volunteers with members of the company, sales...

You can also suggest other initiatives to your company:

  • financial donations
  • rounding up of salaries (micro-donation), matching staff donations...
  • skill sponsorship