Join a PSE branch near you :

Join a PSE branch near you

PSE support groups fundraise and build awareness throughout France and around the world. Join a dynamic team near you!

What is a support branch?

The support branches are local groups of volunteers, some have organised themselves as an association under the French law 1901, whose objective is to raise awareness about Pour un Sourire d'Enfant (PSE) in their region, to communicate the actions carried out in Cambodia in favour of the most deprived children and to raise funds through concrete, varied and impactful activities!

Our branches, local actors of solidarity, support the poorest children in Cambodia while creating social links in their regions!

All members of the PSE support branches are volunteers.

Volunteers take part in the Heroes' Run, a sports and solidarity event for the benefit of PSE

The actions of the branches

These dynamic and friendly teams organise numerous actions: solidarity races, cake and artisan product sales, Christmas markets, concerts, fairs, gift-wrapping, mini-donations in supermarkets, Cambodian meals, presentations in schools, exhibitions, musical marathons, spring sales, testimonials, screenings of the documentary film "Les Pépites", plays, rice bowls, gala dinners... all for the benefit of the children!

How can I support PSE branches?

Participate in an event organised by the volunteers

To support your local branch and the association, you can participate in the many events they organise! They are generally "face-to-face" events, though sometimes volunteers organise online events, as was the case during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Commit yourself to support a specific activity

You can choose to join your local branch to help with a specific activity, for example: come and help with a gift wrapping operation in December, run a solidarity race, help out at a stand at a solidarity sale, etc. There are many options and you decide how much time you want to devote to your voluntary work. Everyone with a good will is welcome at Pour un Sourire d'Enfant!

Join the Board of Directors of my local branch

If you want to get more involved with PSE, you can join the Board of Directors of your local branch to participate in the life of the local association. You don't need any specific skills, just good ideas and are able and willing  to give your time regularly!

Undertake a key role in the branch near me

The local branches supporting Pour un Sourire d'Enfant have a Chair, a Treasurer and a Secretary who help to run the local team in a dynamic and friendly environment. You can offer to become a volunteer for one of these essential functions to support the life of your local branch. You can also offer your help for the other key functions: communications, press relations, ...

"Helping PSE brings the satisfaction of doing one's duty, which is generated when you support an activity. Committing yourself allows you to grow and improves your well-being."

Thierry de Jabrun, President of the PSE PACA branch

"I wanted to make the branch intergenerational, to use everyone's skills without being overly demanding. We organise a lot of activities with a festive character. Everyone finds something to do"

Brigitte Houdinière, President of the PSE Ile-de-France branch

""A volunteer is someone who wants to share and use their free time to commit to the dignity of the individual. It brings a lot of pleasure, feeling of community and smiles.""

Fabien Dutasta, President of PSE Switzerland