Fabien, from employee to volunteer at PSE :

Fabien, from employee to volunteer at PSE

Leakhena and Fabien

For Fabien, Pour un Sourire d'Enfant has opened new professional and personal perspectives. According to him, PSE is simply "smiles".

A beautiful discovery 

"It was during a long stay made in 2014 in Cambodia that I discovered PSE. Everything started at a wedding where I met Christian and Marie-France des Pallières. I remember the deafening silence when they arrived. It was as if they were welcoming the Queen of England. That same day, I spoke with the Director General of PSE, who immediately made me an offer. It was to join the Pour Un Sourire d'Enfant adventure. A few months later, I sent him an email to tell him that I was ready. I then worked for 3 years as an employee in the association. In 2018 I returned to Switzerland and became a volunteer. Then in 2019, I was appointed president of PSE Switzerland. Everything went very fast. "

Fabien and management team

The beginning of a human adventure

"My first impression of PSE is that of an oasis in the middle of a poor suburb of the capital. We are happy to arrive in this haven of peace because we have for a long time been lost in this concrete jungle. It is strikingly calm, animated by the joy of the children. 

In fact, what touched me the most when I discovered PSE was the ability to give time and attention to a child. There are so many children, but you never lose the desire to care about each child. Also, approaching all the subjects that contribute to a child's development is obviously remarkable. It's a good philosophy to care about every aspect of a child's life.

What pushed me to get involved as a volunteer was the fact that PSE gave me the chance to make a professional transition, to have a job that made sense. It allowed me to take a professional and personal step. I am indebted to PSE. I admire the exceptional work done by the local teams on site, with the children."

An action for more smiles

"Among the actions that we realized with the volunteers of PSE Switzerland, the one that is the most important for me is the sale of pepper made in Cambodia on an e-commerce platform."

Fabien and Leakhena

PSE is an humanitarian commitment

"It is the ability to give attention to each child in need and to make sure that they are well. It is a commitment to the dignity of the individual. It is the ability to create and innovate for society. It is the desire to find a solution every time a problem arises. 

That is why each volunteer must be able to share and use his personal time for other purposes than personal or professional. They accept to work for the pleasure of giving their time and skills. 

Commitment is important even if it is a question of small actions because each stone contributes to the development of the global edifice. Every action counts!"

A word for the end? 

"PSE in Cambodia is about smiles, the ones you see when you go there and your own smile when you help someone out. We are happy to meet young people who share the same values. 

I would say to someone who wants to get involved with PSE that it's an excellent decision, it will bring him/her a lot of pleasure, a lot of meetings. We need to have young people who care about young people, who are aware of what they have in developed countries. This person is going to come out of this only positive, it's a win-win for everyone."