Caroline: from the film "Les Pépites" to volunteering at PSE :

Caroline: from the film "Les Pépites" to volunteering at PSE

Caroline, volunteer and Karuna, PSE student


More than a discovery, PSE was a revelation for Caroline.

Here is her story!

A memorable meeting 

"I was deeply moved by this beautiful story."

It was in 2016 that Caroline discovered the association Pour Un Sourire d'Enfant during a screening of the film "Les Pépites". Some time later, she decided to find out more about the association and to contact the Languedoc-Roussillon branch to become a volunteer. She then went to Cambodia to visit the PSE school.

"Going to the PSE Center, even though it was after the association was created, made me realize that our way of life is quite different from the children's. It made me want to do more.

Upon her return from Cambodia, she decided to get more involved in the association.


Caroline, volunteer in a united and supportive team

"I am a volunteer at the Relais 66 of the Languedoc Roussillon branch. My team is moving. We are trying to set up impactful actions.

It is a beautiful lesson in life, because there are people of goodwill who try to bring a little more. Being a volunteer in this team is exceptionally enriching, you meet people from all backgrounds, with the same objective, to help children.


Volunteers and participants of the June 25 event



Acting together for children 

On June 25th, thanks to Charles' initiative, we organized a solidarity meal for PSE. As he owns a farm, he and his son offered us a pig which we shared around a feast. All the members of the team participated by concocting small dishes, including appetizers, the starter buffet, side dishes and desserts. A treat for the 50 guests present.



Cambodia, a resource for volunteers 

For a few days, Caroline and other volunteers will be welcomed into the PSE Center for an immersive experience. They will be able to discover the programs and actions of PSE to raise awareness around them upon their return.

"I will be participating in the branch trip soon. It's a chance because when you come back from Phnom Penh you have the opportunity to revitalize your team, boost them and let them know what's going on there."


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