Volunteer in Cambodia to share your expertise with us and join the adventure :

Volunteer in Cambodia to share your expertise with us and join the adventure

Come and volunteer for a mission for the association, it will be a unique professional and human experience!

A 95% Cambodian team...

The operational team is almost entirely Khmer.

This aligns with one of the key goals set out by the founders: Cambodians must be in charge of their own country’s development.

It is also the best way to ensure our programmes and actions are sustainable and can support the children in the long run.

... which you can help !

You may put your skills to PSE's service in Cambodia, through five kinds of assignments:

  • Expert assignments

Voluntary experts are occasionally welcomed in Cambodia for short and specific assignments (1 to 3 weeks) to share their expertise with our teams.

Send your CV and a letter of motivation ro rh-france@pse.ngo!

  • Summer camps

Every summer, we welcome more than 200 volunteers to monitor five-week long summer camps. They have been created to ensure that children do not go back to scavenging on the dumpsites or do other dangerous work during holidays. Find out everything you need to know about summer camps.

  • Solidarity missions

You can join us for a 6-month mission in order to help set up new programmes, assist teachers...
Especially, each year we recruit 10 "English Teaching Assistants": volunteers from any nationality, fluent in English to assist our Cambodian teachers.

Send us your CV and a letter of motivation to rh-france@pse.ngo!

  • Volunteering for International Solidarity (VIS)

Selected volunteers work between 1 and 6 years in our different departments. Find your mission in our list of vacancies.

These missions are not for you ? Going to Cambodia isn't the only way you can help! You can also sponsor a child, make a donation, become a partner or even just spread the word about PSE!