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For a Child's Smile (USA)
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PSE operates under the patronage of a fiscal sponsor in the US. Give2Asia is a 501(c)3 charity and all donations made out to Give2Asia / PSE fund are Tax Deductible according to the IRS tax code. (Donate)

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Recycling for PSE

In some US states, there is a redemption tax of usually 5 cents per beverage container (plastic, glass and aluminum).

In California, we are starting PSE recycling clubs with High schools, scout troops and any other youth group in order to collect those empty containers that usually end up in the recycling bin.

When we bring them to the redemption center, they give us cash based on the weight. Since January, the pilot program has earned $700 – the equivalent of one sponsorship – and even two if we factor in the matching gift from a company program.

That amount translates into about 14,000 empty beverage container weighing over 800 lbs

The rational is pretty simple: If our kids here in the US do the same job as the kids in Cambodia, they can earn enough money for them to go to school instead of spending their lives scavenging for trash to recycle.

And the best part is it’s free and green !