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Everything about the Summer Camps in 2019

Thanks to the Summer Camps, our children benefit from fun activities and access to a safe place while schools are closed. 


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Every summer during the month of August, PSE organises the Summer Camps. In the spirit of holiday camps, they welcome thousands of children every day who are supervised by Cambodian monitors who work in pairs with European volunteers. They enjoy fun activities: football, volleyball, theatre, singing, crafts and cultural visits, above all it is a time of laughs and friendships!



The Summer Camps take place on our premises in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap (Angkor) and Sihanoukville as well as in our community centres - or paillotes - located in the rundown places where our families live. 

"Behind every smile, there is a sad and difficult story. All these children deserve our love and support without being judged", Marisa Caprile, responsible for the Summer Camps programme.



Many children benefit from being in a safe place during the holidays thanks to the Summer Camps. It protects them from being engaged as forced labour and ensures the continuity of our help, as we feed and look after the children.


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