Dean of School of Hospitality :

Dean of School of Hospitality

Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE) - For a Child’s Smile is a non-profit organization founded by Christian and Marie-France des Pallières, operating in Cambodia since 1995. Its mission is to help children escape from destitution and lead them to decent, skilled and well-paid jobs.

Recognized by the local authorities, PSE is working in respect of the country with the Cambodians and thus supports sustainable development.

Six main programs – adapted to the needs of the children – have been developed: food, health, protection, education & schooling, vocational training and help for families.

PSE helps more than 6,500 children and more than 6,000 graduates from PSE Vocational Training program graduates have already successfully integrated the job market with a real qualified position. PSE employs more than 650 people in Cambodia (Phnom Penh mainly) and 6 staff at the headquarters in France. 400 volunteers in different countries are actively working on making the organization known through fundraising donations and sponsorships.

In 2000, PSE received the French Human Rights Prize from the French Republic.

Phnom Penh
Starting date:
Job description:

The School of Hospitality trains students in the field of cooking / food production, food & beverage service, front office, and housekeeping & laundry. It delivers a Technical High School Diploma (2 years). Our training programs provide practical experience and internships, so that students are fully operational at the end of their course.

As the School of Hospitality Dean you will work in developing and implementing policies, programs, curriculum activities, and budgets in a manner that promotes the educational development of each student and the professional development of each staff member in the global development framework and strategy of PSE and specifically PSE Institute.

The School of Hospitality Dean is part of the PSE-I Management Committee.

  • Educational management: Guarantee training quality, ensure that the TVD training is corresponding to the requirements of the hospitality industry. It includes the strategic development of the school, notably in apprenticeship field where a clear strategic choice has been made into a full apprenticeship approach for TVD diplomas. Relations with strategic public and private partners and European donors is part of this responsibility, all within the PSE Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Staff management: Plan and make the workforce planning, in charge of the school and operation management team, school teaching staff team, student overall staff management, staff/student problem solving, recruit and interview staff, control the administration and finance issues. The School of Hospitality has 30 staff and 270 students on average in Year 1 and Year 2.
  • Operation management: Ultimate responsibility for the welcome center / reception, hotel/guesthouse rooms, hairdressing and Beauty salon and restaurant. 
  • Budget management: Prepare and manage the yearly budget planning of the school, the restaurant and the Haidressing and Beauty department. Budget approx.. 400,000 USD. This includes the contact with potential and actual donors, like ILO
  • Communication: Inter-PSE communication and communication with institutional partners (external communication in concert with the PSE-Institute Director and Comm. Dept.)


Main Responsibilities:

1. Leadership and Strategy

  • Negotiate and influence strategic decision making within the school team management
  • Plan and manage change in accordance with the school development/strategic plan
  • Lead and manage all school support for development
  • Work closely with director of PSE-I and Social Department to reflect on student problems to prevent the drop out

2. Monitoring Quality of School Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Practice

  • Evaluate and lead in the update and development of school curriculum, in functional subjects and both English and general subjects in relation to the industry’s requirements.
  • Coordinate the review/assessment of current curriculum to ensure that the course/program is meeting intended objectives and requirements of PSEI
  • Plan, observe and review the working calendar to monitor how the teachers are using the content and the equipment and to guarantee their use
  • Pro-actively pursue opportunities for teachers to learn for the best practices in teaching development through research, professional development, and other learning opportunities
  • Provide in-class support and coaching to teachers using designated curricula, including coaching on teacher strategies, help connecting to outside speakers on resources, and assistance in leading classroom activities and lessons
  • Manage and ensure the quality of students’ academic assessment tools and results
  • Schedule and plan for extracurricular/learning activities to promote on-going self-improvement of students
  • Cooperate with Orientation and Career Guidance coordinator on learning schedule and conference from professional people to make this program run smoothly and effectively
  • Coordinate with PSEI Orientation Officer for any visits/ activities for the sack of Vocational Training Skill orientation process
  • With The support of PSEI, ensure the follow up of the alumni

3. Finance and administration

  • Plan and submit the proposed budget to the PSEI director for approval and assist the overall financial planning process to balance the budget for the school activities
  • Use the agreed budget to actively monitor and control performance to achieve value for money
  • Propose revisions to the budget if necessary, in response to significant or unforeseen developments
  • Control and check ongoing budgetary information – expenses
  • Propose a strategic financial plan that will indicate the trends and requirements of the school development plan and will forecast future year budgets
  • Identify additional finance required to fund the school’s proposed activities and strategic developments in accordance with PSE internal SOPs on funding.

4. Administration

  • Manage the administrative functioning of the whole school, including systems/formats (in phase with overall systems / formats) and use effective methods to review and improve administrative systems

5. Human Resources

  • Ensure the school’s HR policy (notably recruitment, appraisal and staff development) is clearly communicated and implemented to all staff in school. Give feedback on the PSE HR policy.
  • Manage/monitor recruitment, performance management, appraisal and development for all staff in the school
  • Build profesional networks among the hospitality companies and schools in order to support the right staffing resources to the school.
  • Monitor the way policies and procedures are actioned and provide support where necessary
  • Evaluate the school’s strategic objectives and obtain information for workforce planning
  • Identify the types of skills, knowledge, understanding and experience required to undertake existing and future planned activities
  • Evaluate the training needs of you staff and submit proposal to HR department when you want your staff to be trained on specific skills

6. School Facility Management

  • Manage and ensure the safe maintenance and security operation of all school, equipment and furniture
  • Manage the school logistic inventory and ensure for an effective use for the school support

7. Communication

  • Work with PSE-I Central office in contacting with partners and all visitors
  • Update regularly the manual and brochure for the school and communicate with both partnership office and communication office of PSE and PSEI
  • Work closely with Social Department and all PSE’s support departments
  • Attending professional conferences, seminars, and workshops in education and/or educational administration
  • Maintain relationship and cooperation with MoLVT and MoT regarding school Programs
  • Maintain effective communication to keep staff, students, parents and other relevant sections/people properly informed/oreintated
  • Develop and maintain good relationships/communication with parents/guardians to involve them in their child’s learning
  • Make reports as required by the internal reporting procedures and reporting for external donors
  • Master degree in Hospitality Management, or other relevant fields
  • 5-7 years experience in managing teams, especially in Vocational Training 
  • Experience in the Hospitality sector especially restaurant and/or hotel operations 
  • Very good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Good knowledge of the Hospitality sector in Cambodia and Asian countries.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • High level of English capacity to attend international meetings and presentations
  • Knowledge of MS Office, Google Application and e-communication
  • Very good planning, organizing and coordinating skill
  • Be able to manage the team
  • Be able to make decisions on HRM and Finance
  • Be able to coordinate and lead the school activities/project
  • Be able to manage a restaurant
  • Commitment to PSE’s vision, core values and code of conduct
  • Policy compliance and protection of children
  • Patience, adaptability and ability to cope with change process.
  • Ensuring timely, high quality results. Being a role model for continuous learning and improvement.
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