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PSE helps the poorest children in Cambodia escape from destitution and lead them to decent, skilled and well-paid jobs, through end-to-end care. PSE Institute for Vocational Training in Phnom Penh aims to train underprivileged youngsters to a trade so they can integrate back into Cambodian society, with dignity.

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About PSE Film School

Christian des Pallières, aka Papy, is PSE's founder. He was a cinema fanatic and always found it sad that there was no cinema school in Cambodia after the Khmer Rouge regime ended. Young people were more and more interested about film industry although many issues slowdown its development: i.e. the lack of technical trainings, the absence of supplying chain (most of the movie theaters were transformed into restaurants or karaokes), the non-respect of copyrights, hacking, etc.

Because of this situation, some of PSE's students showed a strong will of taking part to the rebirth of Khmer cinema and to make it their job for living. In October 2012 Papy thus decided to create a film school in PSE. The "PSE Film School" was born to train the students in all aspects of the audio-visual sector (Film, TV, Advertising, Drama, etc). 

PSE aims to provide "the best school for the poorest of the poor". As a prerequisite for the world of work, our students need to train in the conditions and with the equipment they will find at their future employers.

All the teaching staff of the PSE Film School are Cambodians and former PSE Film School students.

Lighting Studio
Shooting set
Camera Workshop
Color Grading


The Film School, part of PSE-Institute (vocational training whose aim is to provide a technical training to his beneficiaries) provides a 3 year bachelor degree in audio-visual sector, validated by the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training and the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts. 

Bachelor 1 is a common core on every subject related to audio-visual industry (Camera, sound, lightings, photos, editing...)

Bachelor 2 is the time for students to choose from one of our 2 specialization: 

  • Cinematography (Camera, lighting, sound, film production management...)
  • Post-production (Editing on several software, color grading, sound...)

Bachelor 3 is divided into two semesters:

  • First semester to produce a short film made by all the year 3 students
  • Second semester to complete an internship in an audio-visual company (production, TV, postproduction facility, etc)

Partners and Instructors

Since 2014, thanks to Arthur Cloquet (DOP), who was at the origin of the project, we have established a partnership with ENS Louis Lumière Film School in Paris. They provide us, thanks to Albert Oriol, academic advisor for the PSE Film School, a very close support on many different aspects (such as curriculum development, training of trainers, skills referent trainers, financial support). To train our teachers and students, Louis Lumière sent to Cambodia film experts such as:

  • François Belin (1st camera assistant)
  • Sylvie Carcedo (Director of Photography)
  • Arthur Cloquet (DOP)
  • Jean Coudsi (Colorist - postproduction expert)
  • Thomas Favel (Director of photography)
  • Stéphane Ly (Script writer)
  • Bernard Marescot (Producer and Production Manager expert)
  • Olivier Mathieu (Editor - postproduction expert)
  • Michel Monod (Gaffer)
  • Charles Tesson (Historian of cinema, Artistic Director of the Critic Week, Festival de Cannes)
  • Vincent Villa (Re-recording mixer and sound operator)

They support us!

Know more about our supports:

We also want to thank all our donors and sponsors for their support! 

Patrice Leconte at the School of Media

The famous French film director, Patrice Leconte, is a Goodwill Ambassador for PSE

Moved by the cause, in November 2014, he made a short film introducing the organization and its mission in Phnom Penh. "I’ve known about PSE for fifteen years and I’ve always felt a special connection with this incredible adventure, which was solely built on the willpower of a remarkable couple. The education of so many children who, for the most part, were left to such a tragic fate, but also the professional training allowing them to master a trade in various fields, all of this touches and amazes me. Because it is no longer a DREAM, it is a REALITY."

Davy Chou, a French-Cambodian film maker supports PSE Film School

The Franco-Khmer director and scenarist came at PSE to present his movie Diamond Island and to share a meaningful talk with the students. Discover our chat with him!

Davy Chou Interview at PSE

The French François Bel – Institut de France Foundation supports PSE Film School

The François Bel - Institut de France Foundation was created to perpetuate the memory and work of François Bel, director of films on wildlife around the world. Convinced of the work of PSE, it financially supports the PSE Film School to promote access to film professions for disadvantaged young Cambodians.

School Works

sandflower (2)

Rendez-vous solidaire avec Frédéric Lopez

Le programme de lutte contre la malnutrition de PSE

Apprenticeship at PSE

A la rencontre de l'équipe sociale de PSE

Student works




Practice 01

Birthday gift



Days of French Movie of Phnom Penh

The 1st Days of French Movie of Phnom Penh took place from July 09 to 13, 2019.

The filmmaker Claire Denis was our guest of honor and presented a selection of movies. 

Discover the event on Facebook : and the details of the program:

Poster Journées du Film Français
Claire Denis lors des Journées du Film Français
Claire Denis avec une élève de PSE

Our students participated to those films

PSE Film School provided tehcnical support and manpower on projects such as:

  • White Building - 2021 - Feature film directed by Kavich Neang
  • Le bureau des légendes Season 5 - 2020 - TV Series directed by Eric Rochant
  • First they killed my father - 2017 - Feature film directed by Angelina Jolie
  • Les Pépites - 2016 - a documentary directed by Xavier de Lauzanne
  • Diamond Island - 2016 - Feature film by Davy Chou 

And also : 




White Building (2021) - Trailer (English subs)

Extrait 1 DIAMOND ISLAND de Davy Chou avec sous-titres français

First They Killed My Father | Acclaim Trailer [HD] | Netflix

LES PÉPITES Bande Annonce (Documentaire - 2016)

Le Bureau des Légendes saison 5 - Bande-annonce (90s)

On the set of "First they killed my father", directed by Angelina Jolie

One former student and three members of the PSE Film School participated in this film! 

On the set of
A former PSE student with Angelina Jolie and the team

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