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5th december : International Volunteer Day (IVD)


Photo taken at the PSE meeting of branch representatives on 24th September 2016


Thanks to our 300 volunteers who help out all year long.



► You too, can join the PSE volunteers.


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Summer camps 2017


Fancy becoming a PSE Summer Camp monitor ?


It is a unique volunteering experience helping PSE’s children.


Our website has full details of how to apply:





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A huge success !


More than 165,000 admissions since its release, and more to come !

Children, to survive, had to rummage through the dumpsite of Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Today, they have escaped. Les Pépites (Little Gems), is the story of an extraordinary human adventure ... that of PSE.

► The film by Xavier de Lauzanne, was released in France on 5th October..

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